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Wheel Reconditioning


Reconditioning your wheels means better tire longevity.


While they often go without attention, your wheels are just as important as your tires as part of a solid overall maintenance program.  Wheel Reconditioning means a longer life for your rim and decreases the chance of air loss during travel. Your safety and the longevity of your tires are riding on your wheels, be sure to give them the attention they deserve. Flynn’s offers top of the line reconditioning using our IMI 20/20 Wheel & Rim Refinishing System. Unlike others, a “Flynn’s” reconditioned wheel undergoes a meticulous preparation process, which is the key to producing a quality product.



• A 20/20 shot blend creates less etching and a smoother finish

• Special attention to “trouble areas” where excess paint, debris, blasting material and other contaminants collect

• A 2-Step Process, meaning two passes through the oven: one to bake on a Zinc-Rich Primer and one to bake on the Powder coat.

• Quality Control by conducting a Mil-Thickness Test and MEK Solvent Rub Test on a daily basis to ensure proper paint thickness and cure for safer mounting.

• Longer rim life

• Better appearance

• OSHA Compliance