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Mobile Laser Alignment


Have you ever tied up drivers or vehicles at the alignment shop for hours or even days at a time? Are you interested in an alignment that comes with a 60-day, 30,000 miles Unconditional Guarantee? “We’ll come to you” with Flynn’s Mobile Alignment service.  Our ProTrack (TM) Laser Alignment system is the top selling Truck Alignment System in the U.S.A.  Prior to making any adjustments, our certified Alignment Technicians will conduct a thorough Set Up and Inspection, including the following


o Alignment Inspection: Toe, Thrust Angle, Caster, Setback, Center of Axle

o Tire & Ride Inspection: Irregular wear patterns, mounting problems, ride and vibration problems (pull, bounce, wobble, shake)

o Mechanical Inspection: Steering Components (tie rods, drag links, king pins), suspension components (air bags, springs, torque arms), wheel bearings




When mechanical corrections are needed, first take the vehicle and have corrections made. In certain cases Flynn’s may be able to make mechanical corrections. Our Fleet Alignment Specialist will return within 30 days to complete the alignment.




Flynn’s will make corrections to Thrust Angle, Toe, and Center of Axle as recommended by the TMC. 


*Mobile Alignment services are only offered at Hubbard and Dover Flynn’s Commercial Tire locations



60-Day / 30,000 Miles

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your alignment within the first 60 days or 30,000 miles (whichever comes first), we will re-align your vehicle at no additional charge.

Guarantee is for alignment only.