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Fleet Service


Preventative Tire Maintenance to keep your business moving.


We know how important it is to keep your vehicles on the road and moving, which is why we provide preventative tire maintenance and on-site fleet inspection. Our certified technicians take every precaution in order to prevent breakdowns and ensure road-readiness. We will customize our services to meet the needs of your company. Generally, services include but are not limited to:



• Overall tire inspection to identify damaged tires, cuts, tread lifts, abrasions, irregular wear patterns, flat spots, mismatched duals and worn out tires.

• Overall wheel inspection to identify damaged or spun wheels; misaligned or broken valve stems; and missing valve caps

• Inflation and flat-tire checks

• Tread Depth measurement

• Torque correction

Trailer Readiness Inspections

• Tread wear Analysis by vehicle

• Ride & Vibration Diagnostics

• Written Reports or Online Access to Survey Information